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We began our ANR relationship quite suddenly and here is the back story of how it all happened and why.

anr relationship

ANR Relationship

My husband and I had two children at the time and I was breastfeeding our second. I have a need during sex to have my breasts squeezed and sucked.  It helps me reach orgasm quicker if my husband plays with my breasts, so to begin with we had that to give us a little push.

When I breastfeed my first child my husband played with my breasts very little during sex.  Neither of us wanted it for fear he would get some milk.  Looking back it was so silly of us.  Look what we missed out on. The second child we went back to normal. He played with them as much or even a little more often during sex.  I have smaller boobs and I believe he was enjoying the size increase.  At the same time though we were very careful not to allow milk to come out.  If I felt something happening, like a flow occurring or anything related to milk I would quietly tell him he needs to stop touching them so hard or not at all.  Near the end of the year of breastfeeding, he disregarded my suggestions a little more and more but nothing ever happened. It felt like maybe he wanted it to happen though but would never say it.

Then one day our child felt under the weather.  He wasn’t breast feeding as much and my boobs were beginning to fill to uncomfortable levels.  I hate pumps but by the evening the pain was becoming very uncomfortable and I began searching the house for the pump.  My husband helped to look as well.

As we looked and failed to find it for several minutes my husband had an idea.  He said you know I could suck the milk out for you. “What are you crazy!” I exclaimed.

He said, well it’s kind of a turn on, I like sucking your boobs during sex and plus I’ve never tried your milk. I find the whole thing to be naughty, like a real kink, he said.  It could be our little secret that I tasted your breast milk. The thought sent my heart a flutter and I blushed as I thought of it.  It was an understatement to say I was excited.

We set out to give it a try.  It was now getting late and our kids were sleeping so I sat on the couch and he lay down and placed his head on my lap.  I lifted my shirt and undid my bra.  I told him if he changed his mind or he didn’t like it he could stop anytime.

He began sucking and it hurt a little. I asked him to be a little gentler, unless he wanted my nipples to look chewed.  He began sucking a little softer and it began to feel quite pleasant.

I looked into his eyes and he into mine and I began to feel closeness to him that I hadn’t ever felt.  It was almost like bonding with my child except it was my husband.  He was wearing loose shorts and I watched as he reached down to adjust himself, just like men are always doing.  Only when he stopped and moved his hand I could see he was fully erect.  He was bulging out of his shorts. It got me excited seeing him aroused from sucking my breasts.  I reached down into his shorts and began to stroke and play with his penis.  At the same time I looked him in the eyes again, only this time his eyes rolled back in his head as he was enjoying me stroking him off.  It had been a few days since we made love so he was ever so welcoming of my touch.

At about that moment, it felt like my boob was going to have a let down.  I let him know in advance it was coming and before I knew it he was sucking and swallowing as quickly as he could, drinking all the milk I had to offer.

After about ten gulps he stopped and pulled away.  My breast milk was shooting all over his face.  I said, oh shit, I’m sorry and grabbed my boob to stop the flow.  My husband said, don’t be sorry.  I wanted to feel your milk spraying my face.  He wanted the milk all over him.

Then we went back to sucking a few more seconds and he began to moan.  He was about to ejaculate.  I gripped his penis a little harder and stroked a lot faster and two seconds later he ejaculated out the top of his shorts and all over his stomach.  He convulsed several times with a load moan.

After a few more seconds he stopped moaning but he did not stop sucking.  This was good because I needed the relief of his suckling still.  I soon had him switch breasts and he emptied my other one.

When he was done, we both agreed that was an enjoyable experience.  In fact he wanted to do it again right away because he wanted me to have an orgasm too.  He wanted to drink my milk while having sex.  I agreed we would definitely try this again.  We had a deep and passionate kiss.  I said this will be our little secret right and he said oh, yes, nobody needs to know.

I told him though we couldn’t do it right away because I was empty, my son needed the milk first and my husband would want some recuperation time before our next round.  I told him maybe at bed time or early in the morning we could have a second session.

This is how we started our ANR relationship.  How did you start your ANR relationship?  Please take the time to comment and tell me your experience.  If I get a fair amount of responses I may start this site as a forum for everyone who loves Adult Nursing Relationships.  Then we can all share and learn all about this special experience between two lovers.

I hope you liked my article and please come back to read more

From your friend, Milk Mamma.

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  • lovestreams December 18, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Thank you for your story, my wife and I have just recently started ANR, we absolutely love it. We started much the same way, during sex, and still do, anyway, thank you for getting this great info out there.

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  • Becca January 1, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    Amazing story. I have been with my boyfriend for 7 years and never had a child. He recently asked me about trying this which I am more than happy to try. Do you have any advice?

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  • melissa January 12, 2013 at 12:33 am

    I am 45 and my children are 15 and 16. I came across your site because I researching on how to make my breasts produce milk. The relationship I am in is really intense and kinky. I am really interested in trying this, what can I do to make myself produce milk? Thanks so much!!

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  • Earl January 23, 2013 at 2:14 am

    drinking my wife milk was a real turn on for me
    when she was nursing our babies
    bigger turn on was spray my penis with her milk

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  • Stu February 12, 2013 at 7:02 am

    My wife let me nurse from her while she was nursing our 4 children. I got about 6 years of pleasure. When our last child was weaned, she told me she had no desire to continue to produce milk. I was disappointed. It was wonderful while it lasted. I loved the spray all over my face and body. I loved the taste. I loved the intimacy.

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  • Charlie February 28, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Many years ago, 1979, when Kathy was weaning the baby, her breasts got so full and engorged with milk. So much that she was almost crying in pain. I stepped up and began suckling. It happen right there on the living room floor. While suckling I got an erection and we made love right there. It was a very loving and passionate experience.

    Back then we never thought about having an ANR so she eventually stopped producing milk.

    I always did and still do enjoy suckling her breasts but I wouldn’t call our breast suckling an ANR.

    We are seeking a woman that wants an ANR. Very hard to find. We would both be suckling if the woman is okay with that. A few months ago we did meet Barb for lunch. Barb was trying to relactate and looking for an ANR. We live about 45 minutes apart and our lifestyles conflicted in a way that an ANR between the 3 of us just wouldn’t work out.


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    • Milk Man February 28, 2013 at 1:56 pm

      That’s an interesting story. It’s nice to know there are others out there like me. That I’m not a freak. I enjoyed the part about making love. For me the breast milk drinking is an extension of love making. The bonding relationship is just a bonus. A massive bonus that I really crave with my wife.

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  • Brad Ducasse December 31, 2013 at 12:43 am

    Some years ago, I suggested to my wife that we try to adult breastfeed.
    I always loved her breasts. They are well developed with gorgeous protruding nipples and she had nursed her 3 children (from a previous marriage) many years ago.
    She liked the idea and I did the research on the internet. There is lot of info on how to relactate, by the way.
    We also learned that relactation has a number of healthy side effect, such as the woman loosing excess weight while the breasts increase in size and for the man breast milk is loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals.
    I also learned that many women use herbs such as domperidome and fenugeek (?) to increase milk production but we decided to stay away from that (there are side effects). You should also be careful if your partner is on medication, which happens to be the case in our situation.
    Unfortunately the natural and most effective way to relactation is a very intense and time consuming business: it requires suckling on both breasts for at least 4 times a day (about 10 minutes for each breast).
    Since we still lead very busy lives, it was impossible for us to ever meet that schedule and we gave up.
    However, we still do a lot of dry nursing as part of our sex life.
    Whenever we have sex we dry nurse for at least twenty minutes and we both get very aroused. my wife’s vagina begins to lubricate without any touch and by the time I caress her vagina she is already soaking wet.
    Often when I am nursing my mouth fills with a vey bitter taste, which I presume is the milk ducts clearing old cells and discharging preliminary fluid.
    By the way, my wife is in her sixties (still beautiful, young and sexy as ever) and I am in my early seventies and still working. She calls me a dirty old man, which is probably an understatement.
    If you really want to learn about relactation just Google the word and you’ll find loads of information including several websites dedicated to the process populated by people of all sorts trying to relactate.
    Just be careful with the doctors and other health professionals. If you mention you’re trying to relactate most think you’re crazy or a pervert.
    The same goes for your friends and relatives !!

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  • Milk Man December 31, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. I love that you still have lots of sex at your ages. (Ahh no offence ) lol

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